Behind the Scenes at New York City’s Coterie

A quick behind-the-scenes trip, as told by Courtney Whilden.

Coterie (New York Apparel Markets) took place a week ago. Things started off a little crazy because of Hurricane Florence.  My flights were canceled and then rebooked and then canceled again.  At the last minute on Saturday, I booked a flight and made it up to New York Sunday for a quick power shopping trip for Whilden.                                    

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.10.57 PM.png

I was buying for spring 2019.  I love going to Coterie and usually take people with me, but Hurricane Florence had other plans so it was easier to get up and back on my own.  As soon as my flight landed at 9 am, I hit the ground running. I booked appointments back-to-back all day for the two short days I was there.

I spent Sunday at the enormous Javits Convention Center taking a close look at many of the lines we carry and what I can tell you is that spring is going to be amazing!!! I loved seeing the new Rococo Sand booth. They have the perfect Boho vibe and the new items for spring are fantastic!  After that, I checked out one of our favorite denim lines – Mother Denim. They have a ton of new fun things in-store…can we say leopard print denim?!?  One beloved brand is Rebecca Taylor and she did not disappoint.  It’s fun to see all these different lines and see the color pallet that will become spring. Trend alert: skirts and sets will be everywhere this spring! And if you haven’t caught on to the white bootie trend for fall, just wait because white mules and slides are going to be popping up in February.

I ended the day at the Dominick Hotel for a final appointment with our new favorite line, KOCH (pronounced “cook”). KOCH’s known for its mix of masculine and feminine and its layering of oversized cashmere cardigans, printed t-shirts and short, easy dresses. The KOCH designer has such a fun eye and does incredible prints and matching sets. I can’t wait to see more KOCH items in our store this spring.  

Rhode Resort dress

Rhode Resort dress

Monday turned into a day of walking/ubering through the city to go to showrooms, beginning with a quick trip to one of my favorite showrooms: Warm NY. Their new prints for spring are fab! I picked up a new line there that I can’t wait to feature at Whilden.  After that, I spent the day exploring more new lines. (Sorry, I have to keep them a secret until they arrive at Whilden, BUT, I will give you a sneak peek at one of the new lines we’ll be carrying.) I’m so excited to stock Rhode Resort in the store, come February. The concept of Rhode Resort is to create a complete vacation wardrobe, using luxe feel-good fabrics, sophisticated colors and hand-crafted embellishments. The result is remarkable and I know you guys are going to love it.  

After my last appointment, I headed to my favorite place to eat before I leave – Trademark Taste & Grind. It’s the perfect spot to grab something delicious to eat on my way out of town. Until next time….            

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